Lisa Walsh is a fully insured professional photographer, having had a lifelong interest in photography. With a professional yet relaxed approach, she enjoys working with people and ensures that all work is completed to standards that exceed customer expectation. Although she specialises in weddings and portraiture, there is  uniqueness about all her work, in every aspect of photography. Lisa is a qualified graphic designer who worked in the design industry for 8 years and she believes that the combination of design and photography is what gives her an edge over other photographers. “I find that both skills are reflected in my work, from capturing the moment to presenting it in a unique way, for instance in a wedding photo album: anyone can take a photo, but it takes great skill to tell a story in a photo and capture the true magic.”

When it comes to portraits and working with children, nothing could come more naturally as Lisa is the mother of three very active young boys. “You have to connect with people when photographing them. When it comes to children, they don’t have the same tolerance as adults so you really only get one shot! That’s why it’s so important to develop a sense of trust and a bond with them. This I find easy, and of course being a mum helps considerably. You have to work with children and let them run the show. Once they are having fun it will reflect in their portrait.”

Opening Hours:
All sessions are strictly by appointment.
Lisa always aims to accommodate your lifestyle, offering portrait sessions
Monday to Saturday 10.00 - 18.00, and Sunday 10.00 - 14.00.
To make an appointment please call on 051-383770, 087-9685754
Gift Vouchers also available.
A selection of Lisa's work is on view @
"I love what I do I love everything about it.  I meet so many people and make so many friends. I have a laid back approach and have not and will NEVER be a bossy photographer! That doesn't get results, making your clients feel comfortable, that's what gets the results and that's everyone wants!

Please call me anytime to discuss your photo requirements. We can arrange to meet at my studio or @ a location that suits you."

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