Catherine & Rob

How can I put into words what an amazing photographer is... To be honest we had never heard of Lisa until we got engaged, my brother had worked with Lisa's husband and mentioned her name, we were thinking Ah shor a photographer is a photographer we will have a look, it will be another thing out of the way... But how far wrong we were, from the moment I met Lisa I felt like I had known her all my life, her friendly heart warming smile and just been sincerely down to earth made it a whole lot easier for us and took so much pressure off... Lisa had it all laid out to an absolute T, all we had to do was tell her what day and time of wedding and she literally got it rolling from there, she even text me the night before to tell me the weather was going to be lovely, what a relief to hear that from a photographer... I can't speak for every bride but the morning of my wedding was pandemonium, between dressing toddlers and bridesmaids ripping there dresses never mind turning my parents house into a walk in wardrobe, Lisa just made herself at home and snapped away while she was at it, keeping an eye on her watch all the time as to get the very important shots of the groom and his family/party. Lisa got amazing snaps of our two little girls also which was so important to us because we want them to always remember what a big part of our day they were too, she even managed to get our 3 year old to sit down beside her in the church, this will never be forgotten as that did not happen often. Once the mass had finished and all the hands were shook& pictures taken, Lisa was the one there to let us know in a very casual manner if we didn't get going soon we would miss out on great pics up the mountain and on the beach before the sun went down and by gosh was she right, so many people praised her work on the day and have so on many many occasions since... Our wedding album is nothing like a wedding album we have ever seen or imagined, it tells a story from start to finish... I don't know did I ever get to tell you all of this Lisa but you were a very big part of our wedding day and we will always appreciate everything u did, the day goes too fast but the fab pictures make the memories last forever, Lisa is not only an amazing photographer but an amazing person with an unbelievable talent :)

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts and Best Wishes Catherine and Rob xx

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